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Inspiration comes from anywhere, and from anyone. There are so many things we want to do, need to do… but usually struggle finding the time to do it all. When we originally started talking about the concept of LUV – an ethical upcycle brand and community – our peers were excited at the idea, but many asked in reality, what were we truly aiming for? To bring awareness to eco-fashion? To find ethical and inspiring employment for new Canadians? To create multi-functional, and fashionable upcycled accessories? To build a platform for inspiring storytelling? The task at hand seemed near impossible.

So did the Canadian dream to many in the South Asian community. We’ve all heard of the struggle, patience and dedication it takes to simply be where some of us were lucky enough to be born. What we don’t hear is that it takes even more patience and dedication once a new Canadian has landed. New language, new norm, and the hardest thing, a new job.

Their courage is what inspires and drives the heart of LUV. Their stories are ones that should be heard so others can be inspired, too. Their strong will and skilled hands be used in a dignified way while growing within a community.  

Here at LUV, we are humble to be part of such a community. We hope you are too.

Welcome to LUV.

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